For the business professional working from home or small office our PAs provide professional regular or ad hoc support either remotely or in-house.  This support can be flexible –  changing depending on the needs of the client.

Case Study

PA2day has consistently supported a client specialising in organisational development consultancy since 2010.  The client requires regular weekly support and their senior level PA attends their office up to two days per week to provide a wide range of office based support:

  • handling incoming/outgoing correspondence; telephone enquiries;
  • maintaining client’s diary including liaising directly with client’s clients;
  • assisting report preparation – word processing and preparing illustrative materials;
  • preparing PowerPoint presentations;
  • facilitation of meetings and training sessions, including preparation of materials required and collation of evaluation feedback, etc.;
  • supporting the tendering process;
  • setting up and managing online surveys, 360 evaluations, etc.;
  • local and international travel arrangements;
  • maintaining financial records;
  • general office duties such as liaising with office facility management,  stationery ordering, filing, etc.;
  • and, as with all clients, maintaining the client’s confidentiality at all times.

As the client occasionally requires additional support, PA2day also manages any overflow of work outside that the client’s regular PA completes in their days per week – additional work being completed by PA2day’s administrative support team.  Additional support during training or other events is also provided as required.  And, importantly, cover during the regular PA’s annual leave or during sick leave is always available to the client.

If you would like to find out how this service might assist you

please email or ring 028 9016 0584 for further details and a quotation specific to your requirements.