PA2day can provide short-term cover for holiday, illness or just when extra support is required. We seek to develop a long-term relationship with our clients with the unique approach of supplying the same person each time the client requires additional administrative resource. This unique approach reduces the need for repeated training and induction typically associated with temporary support and allows an established, trusted relationship to develop with the PA2day support staff. PA2day becomes a proficient and integrated member of your team.

Consistent and Flexible PA Support

If your organisation only requires support for a specific number of hours per week on an on-going basis, you can delegate this work to PA2day, without the costs of full time support. This can be provided ‘in-house’ or remotely on a virtual basis or an appropriate combination of both – whatever suits you and your organisation best.

Other Services

PA2day can provide a range of other services and welcomes enquiries. Please email or ring 028 9016 0584 for further details and a quote specific to your requirements.