Audio Transcription

PA2day provides an accurate and confidential audio transcription service whatever your requirements:

  • Correspondence
  • 1:1 Meetings or Interviews
  • HR Meetings
  • Meetings Transcription
  • Academic and Research Transcription
  • Focus Groups
  • Conference Transcription

Please contact us to discuss how to achieve the best possible transcript from your recording(s).

PA2day provides transcription from various media sources:

  • Audio Tape
  • Digital Recordings
  • Video

We are happy to advise on the most suitable medium to use for your needs.

If you have digital files, please contact us to discuss the most appropriate method for transferring files to us.

If you would like to find out how this service might assist you

please email or ring 028 9016 0584 for further details and a quotation specific to your requirements.