Back Office Administration

Back Office activities are those tasks at the centre of all organisations covering key areas such as sales and marketing, order processing, invoicing and database management. These tasks tend to comprise of a consistent set of defined procedures which are repeated using predefined rules and as such are potentially able to be outsourced. PA2day can provide the required resources, skills and capacity to undertake such tasks, saving organisations additional employments and overhead costs.

Such tasks include

  • Order processing
  • Invoicing and Credit Control
  • Regular mailings

Project Administration

Providing accurate and up-to-date project reports and administration is key to running a well managed and successful project.

Unfortunately, often these tasks are simply added to the list of day-to-day activities of the office administrator where they are put to the bottom of the pile.

PA2day can look after the these tasks separately and make sure that all documentation and records are kept up-to-date. Tasks might include

  • Preparing project reports
  • Keeping up to date project systems recording time and costs
  • Distribution of project information

If you would like to find out how this service might assist you

please email or ring 028 9016 0584 for further details and a quotation specific to your requirements.